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SuperDive Tossa

Welcome to SuperDive. The new Diving Center in Tossa de Mar’s but with more than 20 years’ experience diving here.

In Superdive, we love to dive. We are passionate about the well-made things and we provide always the most comprehensive and accurate training. We want you to respect and take care about the marine life.

We want to provide you with personalized service, always in small groups and quality teaching. We want to transfer to you everything that we have learnt during our scuba diving journey.

We love the macro life and the not so macro. The elegance of the John Dory Fish and the shyness of the Mola Mola, but specially and above all this, we are in love with seahorses, from head to tail.

Finally, we are what we have always wanted to be and our passion for what we do is what makes us different. Photosubs, pro’s, amateurs, recreational, teks … This is your house. Looking forward to meet you!

 SuperDive Tossa
Tossa de Mar
C/ Lope Mateo 1


We go diving every day of the year


  • Catalan
  • Spanish
  • English
  • French


  • Our indor facilities are 160 sqr meters
  • Classrooms with projectors and TV
  • Dressing rooms for Men and Women
  • Shoers and bathrooms
  • Desalination area with pressure water
  • Area for Photosubs.
  • Equipment storage
  • Boat Service


Beach Diving

Guided tours + tanks + weights 22 €
Pack 10 x Guide + tank + weights 198 €
Guide + all the equipment 42 €
Guide + all the equipment (2 dives the same day) 62 €
Pack 10 x guide + all the equipment 380 €
Extras: Night Dive 6 €

Boat Diving

Guided tours + tank + weights 32 €
Guided Tours with all the equipment 64 €

Try Dive from 49€

Activités du centre



We go diving every day of the year. We guide you in small groups, singles, boat trips, night dives and even the most fun themes.

We have the most newly-made facilities of Tossa de Mar. With huge spaces to change you, classrooms for training, photosub area, showers, soap, hair dryer, lockers

Our star dive is La Mar Menuda. Suitable for all levels and always different. But we also have many others that will surprise you. Do not miss them.

Try diving

Baptême de plongée

Discover scuba-diving, it is an initiation in the underwater world. It is based on a dive, with the diving equipment, on a maximum depth of 10 metres. You will be accompanied and supervised by an instructor in a controlled environment. In this way, controlled and relaxing, you will experience new sensations like breathing underwater for the first time and you will feel gravity as an astronaut!


Randonnée palmée

Guided snorkeling tours



Whether you want to start in the world of diving, or if you want to continue training, we have all the courses and specialties PADI.

We are the only diving center in the world that offers the PADI Mediterranean SeaHorse Expert speciality. In addition we have specialities in courses of phototosub, apnea, dry suit…



Courses and exploration