City Palamós (17230)
Address Port Marina , 8

Palamós Dive Center está ubicado en el Puerto Deportivo Port Marina en Girona ,Costa Brava y dispone de unas instalaciones amplias, cómodas y muy prácticas compuestas de: aula para la parte teórica de los cursos, tienda donde podrás comprar camisetas y demás productos, vestuario con duchas de agua caliente y secadores, zona de desalinizado, donde podrás dejar tu traje mientras tomas algo en las terrazas del puerto, sala de compresores, Nitrox y taller, en el cual podrás dejar tu equipo para realizar las revisiones, que serán realizadas por un experto técnico.

Center activities

The transparent waters of our coasts offer a great visibility.There is a huge diveristy of flora and fauna to be found including Barracudas, Gorgonias, Octopuses, Moray Eels, Corals, etc.

The whole team is entitled Dive Center Palamós and recognized by the Generalitat of Catalonia, and able to solve any emergency situation occurring fast and reliable.

Dives shall wear a safety ball and a computer, if not anger them always accompanied by a central monitor. Have good training, good equipment, keep fit and take care of our food security.

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Open Water Diver PADI 380


In our confortable boat and facilities, our kind instructors and professionals will equip you with a mask, fins and neopren suit, amongst anything else needed. Every diver is given a new snorkel as a sanitary measure and as a souvenir to remember their experience with us in Dive Center Palamos.

The journey to the various snorkelling sites will normally take 15 minutes. Upon arrival, a short briefing on how to use the mateiral, safety measures and about the site will be given in different languages before getting in the water and starting the tour.