Snorkeling in Costa Brava

Your first underwater experience

Snorkeling is like a nature excursion in the sea. Equipped with a snorkel, a mask, fins and a wetsuit and accompanied by guides who are not only divers, but experts in the flora and fauna of the sea, you can discover multi-coloured nudibranchs, fan mussels and white sea fans, while learning to recognise the most common fish, like damsels and varieties of sea bream.


  • Sea trips, using a mask, fins and a snorkel
  • Boat trips
  • Participants must be able to swim
  • From 8 years and upwards (approximate)
  • Information on the fauna and flora of each snorkelling area
  • Professional instructors and trainers
  • Activity with expert guides who are familiar with the area
  • Equipment included
  • Experience and safety guaranteed