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Wall diving

There are lots of rocky walls to be found in the diving spots on the Costa Brava, as they usually coincide with underwater prolongations of the various cliffs and coastal rocky places.

Usually, these walls allow you to enjoy dives at different depths, adaptable to the level of each diver. Like the rocky seabeds, they have a great diversity of landscape and are the habitat of many species of interest to divers. In addition to conger eels, groupers and lobsters, among the many species found on the wall, you will also be able to enjoy seeing pelagic species.

Islote, túnel / -7 a -30M

La inmersión se puede hacer en la cala, para los principiantes, o atravesando el túnel de la isla que hay delante, para los avanzados. Dentro del túnel podemos observar coral rojo y en el exterior del acceso norte abundan las ...

Wall / -8m / -40m / all levels

These are three magnificent underwater channels stretching out nearly in parallel and covered by red and yellow sea fans. It is common to find groupers and lobsters, as well as banks of European barracuda, and occasionally rays or sunfish.

Wall - large cove / -12m / -40m / all levels

This well-known diving spot in the Illes Medes Marine Reserve is unmistakable for its broad, well-lit openings covered by spectacular sea fans. There is no lack of incredible marine life, from the majestic sea bream to colourful nudibranchs.

Wall / 0 / -40m / all levels

The dive starts in the shallow waters of this small gulf, followed by an irregular drop-off amidst coral reefs and sea fans. There is abundant sea life and is appropriate for beginners and more experienced divers, who can continue down the wall.