A destinations that can be enjoyed on the beaches and bays

One of the star destinations on the Costa Brava, Palamós has everything for a wonderful holiday or a short getaway. A great offer of shops, places to eat out, leisure time and active tourism possibilities and, in particular, lots of sea! A sea that can be enjoyed on the beaches and bays, on the coastal paths, at the two ports —the fishing port and the marina— and when doing the nautical activities or visiting the Fishing Museum. Palamós is all about the sea. 

Centers for Palamós

Gregal nº 28, La Fosca, Palamós (17230)
Port Marina , 8, Palamós (17230)

The transparent waters of our coasts offer a great visibility.There is a huge diveristy of flora and fauna to be found including Barracudas, Gorgonias, Octopuses, Moray Eels, Corals, etc.

The whole team is entitled Di...

Salvador Albert i Pey , s/n, Palamós (17230)

Diving activities in Palamós