Diving in Palamós

Maritime tradition

From its origins through to today, Palamós has been closely linked to the sea. This lively town offers the services of two diving centres strategically located in the marina. Access to the centre as well as to the boats is easy and convenient all year round, and they are the departure point for well-known dives such as the Boreas, one of the most visited sunken wrecks on the Costa Brava, the Llosa and the Illes Formigues. 

Centers for Diving in Palamós

Gregal nº 28, La Fosca, Palamós (17230)
Port Marina , 8, Palamós (17230)

The transparent waters of our coasts offer a great visibility.There is a huge diveristy of flora and fauna to be found including Barracudas, Gorgonias, Octopuses, Moray Eels, Corals, etc.

The whole team is entitled Di...

Salvador Albert i Pey , s/n, Palamós (17230)